What is UC ACCORD?

UC ACCORD is the abbreviation for (University of California All
Campus Collaborative on Outreach,Research, and Dissemination)
UC ACCORDとは(カリフォルニア大学、アウトリーチ、研究および普及させるのに協力的なすべての大学)の略です。

UC ACCORD is a multi-campus research unit created to support UC Education Outreach.
UC ACCORDは複数のキャンパス調査単位であり、カリフォルニア大学の教育を支援するために作成された活動団体です。
The mandate is to increase the knowledge base about educational access,
eligibility, and retention for students from traditionally underrepresented and under-served groups.


I found a useful Japanese child-rearing / education information site, so I posted it on the link page.
子育て情報サイト「子育て19」:Child-rearing information site "Child-rearing 19":Information site about child-rearing in Japan

It seems to be the activity organization established
in order to compensate a shortage of a fund,
information, talented people, etc.
A fund, information, talented people, etc.
are indispensable to research.
Research cannot be continued,
if there are no funds even if there are wonderful knowledge,
information, and talented people with much trouble.
In order to finish research, it is difficult only with
the fund and technology which one have.
A possibility that a result can be got should also
increase by having a connection and
relation with various persons.

The five primary goals are to:

1) Identify a core set of issues related to education and equity and synthesize the existing body of knowledge. 教育と公正と関係する問題の巻き癖を識別し、知識の既存の主要部を合成します。 2) Fund sustained, long-term research that will lead to substantial advances in theory, policy, and practice. 保持された資金により、理論上本質的な進歩に結びつく、長期的な研究、政策および実行。 3) Engage elementary, secondary, and community college educators as partners in the research and development activities. 研究開発活動にパートナーとして基本の教育者、第2の教育者およびコミュニティーカレッジ教育者を雇う。 4) Disseminate research findings in flexible and accessible formats that reach a range of audiences. 聴衆者の方々に向けて柔軟でアクセス可能なフォーマットでの研究結果を流布してください。 5) Respond to emerging issues and changing educational and social conditions. 新しく起こった問題および教育および社会的情勢の変更に応答します。

This page explains UC ACCORD. Moreover, since it is the past explanation, refer to the formal homepage (http://ucaccord.gseis.ucla.edu/) of UC ACCORD for the newest explanation.

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